Common concerns in pregnancy

  • August 13, 2020
  • Pregnancy and Obstetrics

Common concerns in pregnancy

Common conditions in pregnancy are nosebleeds, bleeding gums, dizziness, fainting, constipation and urinary frequency. These are usually  entirely normal but if you are concerned, be sure to speak to your Obstetrician about it during your visit.

If you have a medical condition or disease that may complicate the  pregnancy, particularly if it involves kidney disease, diabetes, lupus erythematosus or you have a past history of complicated preeclampsia or hypertension in pregnancy, then please let the Medical Receptionists know so we can assess your case and decide if you need to be seen sooner than the routine ten week visit. If you experience some bleeding, you should contact our office and you will be seen as soon as possible to check that everything is okay with the pregnancy. Bleeding is, of itself, not unusual and many normal pregnancies are complicated by a small amount of early vaginal bleeding. If the bleeding is heavy or painful to the point where you are seriously concerned, then you should contact your Obstetrician immediately.

If bleeding occurs on a weekend, the quickest way to contact your  obstetrician is through the Labour Ward of your booked hospital. Inform the Midwife of your gestation and that you are experiencing bleeding, and they will contact your Obstetrician directly. They will then instruct you regarding assessment and management.

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